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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 4, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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i read the teleprompter when i'm talking to. they just misspelled my name on the teleprompter. only been doing it 17 years. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here. we definitely are looking out for you tonight it's becoming more and more apparent that the president of the united states is willing to endure the dire consequences of plummeting off the fiscal cliff rather than sitting down and negotiating with republicans at the table. make no mistake. this is far from some obscure conspiracy theory. this is becoming the frightening political reality for the entire country. what you're seeing is a man who thinks he has free rein. you're watching someone who
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thinks he was reelected with a mandate to do whatever he pleases. he's ignoring the fact that the republican majority remains in the house of representatives, a majority sent there to cult spending and impose his tax hikes. all of this has a growing number of lawmakers now openly suggesting that the country may see -- the president may secretly want the country to fall off the fiscal cliff. earlier today our hannity cameras caught up with a senator from wisconsin on capitol hill. >> it's increasingly clear to me that the president is very willing to go over the cliff. i think he ought to be spending more time listening and less time lecturing. the president seems to be just fixated on increasing tax rates even though they may hurt the economy and i'm concerned if we go over the cliff, that what we're going to see is unemployment back above 9% and we'll see, you know, a country where we're in a second recession. >> all right. the senator is absolutely right. what we heard from president in recent days amounts to nothing more than con descending
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lectures. in fact, he sounds like the same hyperpartisan canada that we saw on the campaign trail, you know, the one that worked tire leslie to demonize success. the president appears to have a out right unhealthy fixation on increasing taxes regardless of the consequence and bring on the fiscal cliff. he says who cares if we spiral into another recession. if unemployment goes back up to 9%, that's not the president's problem because in his mind if that happens, he'll have yet another golden opportunity to wash his hands of all of his failures and then arrogantly blame the republican party. to make matters worse, we're learning today that president obama is a far cry away from waging this battle by his lonesome. as usual, his friends in the main stream media have been willing to continue to do whatever he wants and that means to say whatever it takes to try and fool you, the american people, into thinking that raising taxes is your only option. the extent to which so-called
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journalists have been spreading his propaganda is now in a brand new study. according to this report, the chief offender of that left wing bias is none other than abc news. yes, it turns out that in the three weeks following the election the net woul network cd obama's favorite issue which is raising taxes 17 times more than spending cuts, and all told, 10 minutes and 18 seconds were devoted to taxes. compared to a whopping 35 seconds of air time on house spending cuts might be a useful tool in actually tackling our debt. not surprisingly, that trend was-mile-an-hou mirrored all across the major networks. here with reaction to that report and obama's parent indifference to the approaching so-called fist colorad fist fisk stein. welcome to hannity. >> great to be with you, sir. >> i'm getting the feeling more and more every day. he wants to humiliate the
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republicans. >> i this is an opportunity to drive a stake through the republican party. i think his strategy all along, i said this in my book, so it's weird to see it coming true so literally is to establish 25% of gdp as the new baseline for federal spending. he needs everybody's taxes to go up, not just warren's buffett's. he can do that two ways. he can get john boehner to capitulate or he can say the hell with it, let's go off the fiscal cliff and blame the republicans. >> if he had had the top two percent pay in just a little bit more of their fair share, that would fund the government for only 8. 5 daition. it's not realistic.
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>> no. it's rubbish, all this. that so called buffett tax, if you implement that on warren buffett and all his pals, it will pay off obama's 2011 deficit in the year 2520 circumstance, in 514 years time, and then we'll need the next half millenium to pay off his 2012 deficit. >> i think the republicans were sent there with a mandate as well as president. obviously the american people voted for the status quo. they voted for divided government. here's the question i have. i would no want them to think os and grand hides and the slem hammer we're robbing them with. if obama wants to take the country off the fiscal cliff, they need to go there. they seem afraid of that. do you see that. >> it's clear from the election that the majority of americans essentially voted for european levels of spending. you can't have european levels
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of spending. we're one percent under canada. there's no difference any more, not in terms of government spending. we're close to norway. we're not quite to sweden yet, but we basically are spending like europeans, but we're not taxed like that. the idea that you can close that gap, i think he figured out if he can make this level of spending permanent, he changes the united states into a european socialism democracy and he'll be the most congress consl president of the last hundred years. >> it seems like we're close. we're right on the edge with all of the predictable results. >> i think you can be spee den if you -- sweden. he's risking ruin on a scale
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unknown, and of course, the other obvious point is that the youeuropeans are only able to do that because in fact the us army lives in germany and actually picks up their defense tab. you can't do it -- there's nobody to bail out america the way germany's bailing out europe. >> john boehner was on the program the other night. he said hey, i wasn't consulted about this latest offer. i wish i was. this talk about republican conservatives, tea party members that were purged from certain committees because they had a criteria list if they didn't meet or match the leadership vote schedule. is that a message to the more conservative way of the republican party? >> i think so. he's absolutely right to be disturbed about it. it's not john boehner's job to make this math add up. it's not john boehner's job to
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find ways of funding a three and a half or four trillion dollar budget. it's insane. if the democrats want to have a three and a half, four trillion dollar federal budget, fine. they can be the party of that. there ought to be a party that represents an alternative and john boehner is saying no, we'll help you close that gap. who needs the republican party? >> you think there will be an internal squabble, a fight, maybe an attempt to cede him in the end? >> i don' i don't know about th. i think there's a big choice for republicans. john boehner is basically slowly, quietly essentially offering himself as the guy who can kind of run the obama-size state more efficiently. in other words, he can provide slightly less insane arithmetic. he's come up with $800 billion of extra revenue. so what? that's half of last year's federal deficit. what's 800 billion in savings over a decade? that's irrelevant.
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absolutely. whatever time he spent negotiating that was a complete waste of time. >> here's my criticism. they seem to be negotiating against themselves. they give a proposal, obama gives a non-proposal, and they respond with another proposal. here's what i don't understand. seems the answer is simple if they're worried about the pr side or the political side. pass the bill. extend all the bush tax cuts and then the president and the senate or the president decides if they want to raise taxes on the middle class or not. put it on them. put the onus on them. >> they will have voted not to do that. obama has made a bet that the republican party is so inept at the politics of this that they will get stuck with it. he can hang the debt alba tros of the biggest tax increase in american history around their next. >> he wants it all. howard dean is the only guy i see that has said this is the best case scenario.
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they get defense sequestration, they get to raise taxes on everybody, and then they blame the republicans. >> yeah. and for howard dean, he's a man who basically believes in the european unionization of the united states. if you believe in that as obama does, too, this makes perfect sense. >> i've got the cd of yours. do you really sing on this. >> i sing on that with a full orchestra. you sing the devil went down to georgia. people said you killed the whole right wing pundit music business with your rendition. i felt i had to do something to address it. >> running on egg nothing? you wrote that? >> i wrote that. running objec on egg nog. >> there's nothing more gross in the world than egg nog. >> and you call yourself a great american? how can you be a great american if you hate egg nog? >> full of cholesterol.
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the government should ban it. >> all right. coming up, wait until you see this. the california teachers union took class aware far warfare toe new level,ary 8, narrated by ed. don't strain too hard. that silence you hear from the left when it comes to the struggle for freedom by egyptians, predictable. at a herpredictable at a at adir square filled to the rim. square filled to the rim. why are they so [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15entrees under $15, seafood, chicken and more! oothe tilapiawith roastedegetab!
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before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing. have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. >> all right. the california federation of teachers are taking class warfare to the extreme. the group put together a cartoon and posted it on their website
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demonizing wealthy americans for their discuss and they got a little help from left wing hollywood radical ed asner as he narrates this disgusting piece. watch this. >> some people decided they weren't witch enough so they came up with ways to get richer. the first way was through tax cuts. they didn't mind that this meant fewer services for everyone. they said why should i care about other non-rich people? i can hire teacher, safety, waste disposal people to work for me for less money than taxes and i can keep the rest of my taxes for me. schools, public safety, the roads, parks, libraries, public transportation, all went into decline. the rich people didn't care. they said everyone gets what they deserve. ordinary people wondered why rich people needed so much money. the 1% said don. this is good for you, too, because it will trickle down from us to you. >> urinating on people. classy image. doesn't get much worse than
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that. joining me with reaction, tucker carlson and kiersten powers from the daily beast. it goes on seven minutes long, kiersten, and i thought of past pop begapropaganda. at the end of this, somebody watches this, they get indoctrinated. they really begin to believe that rich people are evil. did you get that feeling? it was that bad to me. >> it was pretty bad. i have to say even i found it offensive. >> even i, yeah. >> yeah. no. look, it goes a little too far. i think you can certainly make an argument that there are rich people that are indifferent to poor people, but i don't think that you could say that about all people. i don't think all rich people who want tax cuts are completely indifferent to people who don't have money. i think it was a little too much demonizing for my taste.
9:17 pm
>> it seems, tucker, this is a different america. we grew up in an america where if you really work hard and you study and you play by the rules and you produce goods and services for other people. how did we get to the point where success, you're now viewed as evil if you're successful? and now demonized openly by the left? what happened? >> there's really no overstating how dumb this is. i mean, it really is soviet realism. it looks like something produced by the north korean ministry of truth. what's so upsetting about it is the teachers did this. i've gotta believe your average california teacher does not agree with that. the idea that there are any california teachers currently in classroom in charge of children who agree with that is horrifying. >> let's go to a couple -- >> prop begaagandizing kids is e worst. >> let's look at rich people who brought media to spread their message. >> the rich people bought tv and
9:18 pm
radio stations and internet companies and paid them to repeat over and over some day you will be rich, too. there is no alternative. soon you could hear people saying there is no other way. some day we'll be rich. meanwhile, the rich people's money piled higher and higher, but after a while, it was piled too high. one day the money for them was a big crash, down right on the houses, millions of ordinary people. >> i almost want to go out and beat up a rich person, ci ki rs. >> this is bad. there's no getting around it. the idea that suddenly we've discovered that i guess what he's calling getting rich is being successful which i think in this country, we've all been told that we could be successful, we could all go as far as we want to. >> how close is this to what president obama did the whole campaign and is now doing to
9:19 pm
sell his economic plan, whatever that is? isn't it similar, obama demonizing pay your fair share, pay a little more? >> the only reason he got elected is because people believe this. this is the point. it's easy to laugh at the idea that tax cuts make people rich. that's ludicrous. you would have to know nothing about economics to believe something that stupid, but here's the point. a lot of people do, and they do because of material like this. the fact that it's again produced by teachers, the very people we depend upon to educate our kids is horrifying. >> what is the difference between what the president is doing now in this fiscal cliff debate, what he did during the campaign, demonizing bain capital, evil mitt romney, etc., and what this is doing? i'm joking when i say i feel like going out and beating up a rich person. i can understand yeah, those people are horrible and evil. >> it's a zero sum game, and my gain is your loss. i got rich because you are poor. that's exactly what he's saying. >> we could have a really
9:20 pm
interesting conversation about the distribution of wealth, but he is spouting a line that is a, demonstrably untrue and vulgar and devisive. >> we'll give you the last word. >> i don't think it's even close to what president obama was saying. look. there's a feeling in this country that there are people who make money without any consideration for the workers, and look, that happens. i think that that's a fair criticism to make, and people just don't have the same kind of job stability that they used to have, so those are fair criticisms, but to turn this into, you know, rich people are urinating on poor people kind of thing, it definitely goes too far. >> guys, good to see you. obviously it worked a little bit in the campaign. we have a late breaking development on this very story. our cameras caught up with ed asner. he's performing in a play outside the fox news studio. hear what he has to say about this terrible video he narrated. we'll have that for you tomorrow night here on hannity.
9:21 pm
we'll play his response. still ahead tonight, you better stop textin texting. if the government and law enforcement has their way, they may live on for years. we'll exa abou examine about hog brother is about to impede your right of speech. egypt is now burning. where is sandra flack. you don't think that makes sense? the muslim brotherhood are about to trample all over women's rights. where are the women up in arms about the so-called war on women. they stand in silence now. why? ♪
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it has become a familiar scene. egyptian citizens flooding the
9:25 pm
streets demanding their inalienable rights. egyptian president morsi and his muslim brotherhood have no desire to expand the freedom of its citizens. they're about to implement syria law. they're protesting the seizure of unrestricted powers by the nation's islamist president and his draft helicopters substitution. what you're looking at is the worst explosion of protesters since the removal of mubarak. women have no rights, no protection from the government unthe new law. i hear one thing from the usually deafening voices of women's liberal groups. silence. is birth control the only defining issue of the u.s. feminist movement? what a double standard we're now witnessing. joining me now for act for america, the president, briggite
9:26 pm
gabriel. guys, welcome to the program. thank you for being here. this is amazing. we go through a whole election, republican war on women. they don't want to pay for women's birth control. we know what life for women is like. in saudi arabia they can't drive. under the taliban they couldn't go to school or work. we see the stoning of women, women in saudi arabia, they need four male eyewitnesses for rape. all of this. where is the women's movement in this country now? where is obama, the chomp of women's rights -- the champon of women's rights? >> the obama administration and the left in the country believe so much that the muslim brotherhood is a very moderate movement, and the leader morsi is a very moderate statesman. this is why they do not believe that implementing the law will oppress women in egypt. it's like burying their heads in
9:27 pm
the sand, refusing to accept reality, and admit that everything that they believed about the muslim brotherhood and morsi is a lie. for them to admit that, it will force them to come up with different solutions to what we're facing in egypt, and they're not ready to face it. >> and we're funding them. that's another side. abbas, let me go to you. you have morsi. first the muslim brotherhood said they weren't going to run, and they ran. they got into power, targeting israel first, declaring them the number one enemy. now morsi is taking over the military and implementing shria law. will this be good for the egyptian people. >> shawn sean, we're going throa revolution in egypt. in a revolution the old regime gets purged. he took out the old cronies and now he's doing the same thing to the judiciaries. >> so the radical islamist is coming to power? >> he's consolidating his power
9:28 pm
base. that's normal in revolution. >> sean: he's now implementing shria laws. >> i don't know what that means. i don't know what that means. that's not going to happen in egypt. actually, people aren't protesting the law right now. they're protesting the expansion of the executive powers. there isn't a protest about the law. >> the constitution that's about to be implemented, you understand the law as well as anybody i know. what will life be like for women. >> it's going to be very difficult but our guest has a point. the majority of people in egypt are not protesting against morsi and shria law. they're actually for it. this past saturday hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of egypt in support of the law and the constitution. what we're seeing right now on the streets is only the my minority. all over egypt and throughout the cities on saturday they came out in support of the new policy
9:29 pm
of adopting islam i caic into te substitution. >> here's the point. it's been there since 1971. there's nothing being changed about that. that's been there since 1971. that's not the issue. >> it is being more radicalized under morsi. they added amendments to certain versions of the constitution. >> they simply defined who gets to interpret it. all they did is change and clarify who gets to interpret that clause. >> exactly. >> they're giving the interpretation to the radicular cam imams. they're very much in control. >> america has moved past this hate speech. there's no radical demon monsters out there. >> sean: morsi along with hamas that has in their charter the call for the destruction of
9:30 pm
israel and morsi and his government supported hamas in their recent attacks on israel. they've recently been meeting with the iranians, so you don't see that a radicalized islam i can state under morsi is a problem? >> jihaddists, radicals, those are everybody's enemy. it's not them. they've been fighting for 30 or 40 years. i keep telling you this, but this is just simply not true. anybody who knows the region knows this isn't the case. >> sean: you obviously don't know what you're talking about. >> thank you very much. >> the muslim brotherhood is a very radical organization. >> i mean, look. i understand islamic politics. i rode wrote a book about it. you can read it. the muslim brotherhood are
9:31 pm
considered wimps when it comes to radical brotherhood. >> this is why they're becoming very powerful and they have 70 offshoots including al-qaeda and hamas. >> that's a lie. >> sean: we've got to go. thank you. >> you are lying to your audience. >> sean: coming up, liberal talk radio stooping again to one low after another. >> john boehner who probably now has earned the title of the worst speaker certainly in our lifetime. >> bill press, probably one of the worst talk show hosts in our lifetime. we go through this week's material of disgusting left wing hate speech filling the air waves. think before you hit send. the text you're writing to a friend or family member may be accessed by law enforcement for years to come. we're going to look at the looming invasion of privacy and privacy rights coming up next. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow the world of big brother is about to get bigger if some members of the law enforcement community have their way. according to a report by cnet news, police groups are asking lawmakers to consider forcing wireless providers to save the test messages of their subscribers for two years. they're calling for the senate to consider amending an existing privacy law. the reason behind the request is to aid in criminal investigation, but the question
9:36 pm
is, is this a step too far? and joining me now to debate the issue are the news editor at, and former aide to senator john kerry is with us. katy, i'm generally extremely supportive of law enforcement. i want them successful in their job to keep our streets safe, and offense n offense no i havee everybody's text and e-mails for two years, that will help them. if we save and record everybody's phone conversations, that will help a lot. if we video tape everybody 24 hours a day, that's going to help, but where does the line get drawn? >> exactly. where does the line get drawn? this is equivalent to putting a gps in everyone's car and seeing where they go for two years, to make everyone wear a recording device and record conversations for two years. i'm also very supportive of local law enforcement and law enforcement in general.
9:37 pm
essentially what they're doing is asking for everyone in the country to be turned into suspects before they have any evidence that they've committed a crime. in my book, that's a bit of a government overreach and opening the door right for more tierney into people's personal and private lives. >> your position on this. >> thanks forking havin for hav, sean. i agree with katie. not a matter of just personal privacy and civil liberties, also a matter of business independence and allowing businesses to operate without intrusion from the government and being told what they need to do in order to take these preventives steps. so it seems like a lot of overreach both in private lives. i know a lot of people in law enforcement. they're doing just fine with the tools at their current disposal. >> we want to help them as much as possible. it has to be reasonable search and seizure. i think the way we achieve that is if they have a suspect, we have a system of checks and balances. we have a judiciary.
9:38 pm
they have the ability, katie, to go to court and request a tap on somebody's e-mails. >> right. >> etc. and text messaging and why would we want to put private companies in the middle of that? >> well, this is the thing. coming from a private company perspective, private companies like verizon, t-mobile, all these tech-type companies or wireless providers don't store text message information for a reason, and it's because when you start storing the personal and private messages of citizens, there's a large possibility that that information is going to get hacked, and guess who is responsible for the private information of their customers? well, that would be the companies, so they're essentially -- law enforcement is asking these companies to be liable for protecting this private information that they're not storing now in order to help them with their investigations. on that point, you know, look. you can look at the text messages of people all day and even go as far as e-mail, but you really can't prove who sent that text message, so in the end, thi it's not the best law
9:39 pm
enforcement tool to use. >> i want your experience to be a totally positive one. you worked for john kerry for a period of time. >> bring it on. bring it on. >> he went on bob schieffer's program and accused our troops of killing innocent civilians and old people in the dark and night during the iraq war. >> what are we talking about here? >> i'm asking john kerry and whether or not he's qualified to be secretary of state. he said our troops, bob, are going in the dark at night and committing these atrocities. that was during the iraq war. very similar to what he said about our troops after vietnam when he accused them of cutting off limbs and tying electric wires to people's testicles. >> yeah. okay. i will say that -- >> should that be an issue? >> i think john kerry is imminently qualified to be secretary of state and a lot of republicans senators agree with me on that and a lot of republicans in the house agree as well. >> so he accuses of troops of
9:40 pm
atrocities and that shouldn't be an issue? >> the totality of john kerry's record as war hero and fearless advocate. >> war hero? >> listen. when it comes to defense, there's nobody who has a better record, who is more knowledgeable, let's talk about the state department. >> more knowledge about international affairs. >> i'm not really quite sure that john kerry is a war hero. >> he was chairing the foreign relations committee. i don't know who would think that resumé would disqualify him. >> i think that going and speaking out against. >> what's your point. >> my point is if you'll allow me to speak. >> i will. >> of course you would consider the fact that john kerry has gone out and spoken against the u.s. military and essentially accused them of war crimes when he himself joined the military and accused a lot of people who he served with who have a real problem with what he said of atrocious crimes in a time of
9:41 pm
war. >> i'm not going to let you say that. >> sean: wait, mark. let's talk about that. he accused our troops not only after vietnam but in the iraq war of committing atrocities. he was wrong in both cases, and the point is should that. >> ab grea abu great should thee hearings? >> the totality of his experience -- john kerry served honorably. he spoke his co conscience whene came from vietnam and he spoke his conscience on the iraq war. >> and he said untrue things in both instances. >> you can say they're untrue and i'm sure you have a big disagreement with things. >> torture in the dark of night? he's got to explain that. >> so answer your question, sawn, isean, it should absolutey considered. he's not qualified for secretary of defense. >> i find this humerous. a lot of republican senators
9:42 pm
find this as well. >> name one. >> susan collins. susan collins went on the record and said things. >> susan collins, the most liberal republican in the senate. i thought tv rhetoric was bad. wait until you hear what's being said on the liberal air waves. first, debbie wasserman schulz was personally tapped to stay on for second term as dnc chair. tonight we say congratulations to the congresswoman and look at her 10 your and we've got a highlight reel featuring her greatesgreatest gaffes. that's next. that's next. >> mitt romney didn't it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk,
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and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management
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>> either mitt romney was lying and misrepresenting to his investors but mitt romney is dramatically out of touch with women on the issues and priorities that matter to us. they need to put their big boy and big girl pants on. >> debbie wasserman schulz spread a lot of lies and mistruths about mitt romney and other members of the g.o.p., and because of the honorable job she did during the election cycle, the president has rewarded her with another term as the dnc chair woman. tonight, to do our por part in congratulating her on what is sure to be another year filled with embarrassing gaffes.
9:47 pm
we'll open the video and look -- the video vault and look at the low lights. kind of sleezy, the campaign they ran. i don't think there's anything worse than playing the race card. here's wasserman schulz saying they want to drag us to jim crow laws. >> if you go back to the year 2000 when we had an obvious disaster and saw that our voting process needed refinement and we did that in the america votes act and made sure we could iron out those kinks, now you have the republicans who want to literally drag us all the way back to jim crow laws and literally and very transparently block access to the polls to voters who are more likely to vote for democrat than republican candidates. it's nothing short of that blatant. >> michael brown, you're a good guy. we're friends. it's the race card. do you know any republican that wants to drag us all the way
9:48 pm
back to jim crow laws? do you know anybody that supports in a? >> well, i don't know if i will be able to name anyone that supports that, but i think. >think. >> sean: so it's a lie. >> i don't think it's a lie. >> sean: it's not a lie. they want to drag us back to jim crow laws? >> some folks make the argument that the republican party does want to turn the clock back. >> sean: who? who wants to do that? >> in the first part of my statement, i said i can't give you a name. there's a perception that your party wants to turn the clock back. you have problems within particular communities relative to the vote. there's a reason for that. >> it's you hav not just race. it's also women. women clearly believe you want to turn them the clocks back. pardon me? >> we want to drag them back to the 1950s, too, according to debbie wasserman schulz. >> and according to the voters. >> the reason debbie wasserman schulz was reappointed was not because she's so effective
9:49 pm
because actually, she was determined to be the least effective of all of obama's surrogates but because she has been masterful at implementing obama strategy of divide and con conquer, of vilifyin vilifying y who disagrees with the president by meticulously avoiding any mention of the facts. she accuses republicans of being racist, sexist, completely out of touch with people, and you know what? these lies repeated again and again, saying that we want to somehow drag voters, we want to keep black people from voting or we want to drag women, she actually said kicking and screaming back to 1950. >> let's go to the next war on women's segment because the two big themes all full of lies, if you believe debbie wasserman schulz, it the republican party. >> it's clear that mitt romney is dramatically out of touch with women on the issues and the priorities that matter to us. wanting to take us to back to a time when insurance companies could deny us coverage or drop
9:50 pm
us because of our gender or a pre-existing condition, charging us up t to 50% more simply becae we're women. >> mike, i ask you again. give me a name of a republican that said that, supports that, believes that. is there anything you can think of? >> well the one thing i'd like to see. >> you're not answering my question. >> i'd like to see the head of the rnc and the statements he made about the policies of barack obama. >> sean: we don't have a lot of time. is there any republican -- she's the head of the democrats. is there any republican that wants to deny women coverage because of their gender? i can't think of any. that's a lie. >> of course not. it's an absolute lie. >> it's not a lie. you can't call it a lie, shaun. >> michael, it really is a lie to suggest that the republican party somehow wanted to take
9:51 pm
away women's bitter control. that was an absolute lie. she lies repeatedly. she's been called out on her lies. >> the rnc chair didn't lie at all when he was saying bad things about the president? he wasn't lying at all. >> they called her living in an alternate universe. >> sean: we've got to go. obviously -- obviously -- obviously lying -- we've gotta go. >> it's a different between character assault and differences on opinion. >> the voters can get through all that. they clearly did. >> sean: the lying pays off. you should be proud. coming up next, liberal talkers on radio turn to race-based and other hateful attacks to smear republicans. we'll run through the most disgusting example. here is a sneak peek. mitch mcconnell understands what he's up against now. the colored guy has whipped
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> sean: welcome back to hannity. twitternd television aren't the only plat storms that liberals are used to spew their hateful rhetoric. to sort through this week's outrageous material, brian
9:56 pm
maloney. how are you, sir? >> doing good, sean. this is the progressive left when they talk amongst themselves and they don't know we're listening. >> sean: imagine any republican that was making rape jokes like stephanie miller on her program. >> after losing women voters on november 6th, republicans promised to change how they reach out to the female electorate. i just love reading these stories. >> let's have more rape talk. that will really rein us in. >> 2012 is the year of the rape gaffe. >> very attractive. >> because there was more than just one. >> it was a very rapey year. >> it was the rai rapeyest year ever, jackie. >> not very funny. >> that's just high-larious. you know what it says more than anything? that the war on women was just a fake strategy. it was a fake issue that the democrats made up to drive a
9:57 pm
wedge, and then after the election, it's just a joke. it's just something to drop. it's not something they really care about. there's no sincerity there at all. they're revealing their real agenda. >> sean: now we go to our old friend from atlanta, mike malloy, and he says tha to mitch mcconnell the black guy whipped your [bleep], and he said to john boehner you should drown in a vat of wine. >> the colored guy has whipped his [bleep]. hey, mitch. the black guy stomped your [bleep]. he's younger than you are, he's smarter than you are. he's hand somer than you are, and he stomped your [bleep]. what you gonna do about it, boy? don't you think [bleep] ought to just, i don't know, go drown himself in a vat of wine? you know, he could be jumping up and down with his bare feet like
9:58 pm
remember like lucy did, that episode, "i love lucy"? >> what nic a nice guy. >> exactly. the progress as i was spent a lot of time like this wishes death upon their enemies. we have dozens of examples. malloy is one of the worst offenders. know something else, sean. they don't have an agenda they're putting forward. what they want to see from this fiscal cliff issue, what they do instead is attack, attack, attack, smear, hate, but we don't hear specifics because if they actually admitted what they stand for, it would scare most persons. 91% tax brackets, you know. >> maybe we should do a segment on what they really believe. howard dean wants the country over the fiscal cliff. let's go to leftist talker randy rhodes. she had some very nice things to say obviously false about the nra. listen to this. >> i swear to you, the nra has
9:59 pm
this conspiracy floating that obama is a muslim brother hood creature that he's trying to get a third term like he's, i don't know, mayor bloc bloomberg. you better stock up on your guns anyway because he might do it, he just might do it, you just can't not buy a gun. what would jesus buythere's a w. yeah. the people with the guns are waging it. it's very weird. >> very bizarre. i mean, is this -- how do you listen to hours of this vitriol. >> it's torture, but there's a bubble out there. there's a progressive bubble. you go to parts of the bay area or whatever, and this is what they're talking about. this is what they're saying. the rest of american has no idea. they would love to make obama president for life. is there any doubt? >> sean: not in my mind for sure. i think


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